Ric Basso

New Business Director

Agency Role: Ric is the bringing companies together to create great marketing and advertising messaging. He is the key contact for all efforts involving communication of the competencies and skills of Barnes Health in the healthcare industry for the purpose of identifying potential clients. He is a consummate matchmaker with over 20 years’ experience in creating relationships with companies of all sizes for the purpose of developing mutually beneficial partnerships. Ric brings to the table healthcare experience working with organizations such as Indiana University (IU) Health, Kindred Healthcare and Johnson Memorial Health to name a few.

Strengths: Identification and cold outreach to companies meeting the Barnes Health ‘ideal partner profile.’ Taking on a potential partner’s concerns and working with them to understand the unique experience and abilities of the Barnes Health team. Creating advertising concepts, working with internal resources to deliver on client vision and building lasting relationships.

Background: Prior to Barnes Health, Ric was a director and manager of teams in the generation of new business and account management. He has been known for his skill in identifying and pursuing the companies who could benefit most from his companies’ core competencies. Ric believes fit is everything and avoids pursuing companies who are outside the Barnes Health ‘ideal partner profile.’ He has received multiple awards locally, nationally and globally for his work in growing account bases. Ric brings to the table a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership from Western Governors University. He has a passion for his family of his wife Laura, three daughters and seven grandchildren, as well as for photography.